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After being in kitchen hibernation for the past 4 days working on a big project, I’m happy to be writing this post from a cafe near Union Square.  How I do love the hustle and bustle of a cafe…in the city…with Christmas nearing.

The results of my kitchen project
The results of my kitchen project

Being from Minnesota and living on the east coast for many years, it was hard to get used to Christmas without winter coats and snow in San Francisco.  My holiday glow was no longer on autopilot.  Thank goodness I’ve been able to put that all behind me now.  The glow is back.

I wear my winter coat again due to a wimpier internal thermostat, I see picturesque snow scenes in Christmas movies and on Christmas cards (it’s charming), and I often get out to walk and work around Union Square for a dose of holiday cheer.  Union square is the most festive part of the city this time of year (imho), complete with gigantic Christmas tree, ice skating rink, decorated department store windows, sparkling lights, and people in the holiday spirit (could be due to the high density of tourists around here).

photo 1
The SPCA holiday windows at Macy’s – over 200 pets have been adopted this holiday season!
photo 2
festive windows at Gump’s
photo 3
Union Square ice skating – sorry I didn’t catch any action for ya
photo 4
Macy’s windows
The Union Square Christmas Tree
The Union Square Christmas Tree

But, I digress.  I’m really talking “before” pictures here.   I thought sharing these is only appropriate after dangling my building permit in front of you last week.  So, here goes.  I can’t wait to share the “work in progress” and, of course, “after” pics with you in the new year!

2012-09-16 11.29.29
1030 Hyde storefront
2012-09-16 11.23.06
Picture filled pastry cases, espresso machine, friends, hustle, bustle…
2012-09-16 11.23.44
…and looking the other direction, from the front door
2012-09-16 11.24.33
This is where you will enjoy your cup o’ joe and biscuit if you stay in with us
2012-09-16 11.26.07
The bakery kitchen – where it all happens!
coming soon…you’ve seen this one before, but why not see it again 🙂

I wish you all a Merry Christmas (or happy time off if you don’t celebrate)!  May you be with the people and find the places that make you glow…and simply enjoy the spirit of the season.  ~ Emily