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Well, not so fast.  Let the hurdles to construction continue with one BIG hurdle down and the finish line in sight.

Let me introduce you to my latest hurdled conquest…

Building Permit Approved!

Yep, that conquest is my building permit, approved, which I picked up yesterday at the Department of Building Inspection.  That’s no little feat, mind you.  Keith and team at Abueg Morris Architects did all of the work here.  Since October, they’ve had their heads down getting the architectural plans and schedules all wrapped up with a bow.

Keith spent all of last Friday maneuvering stealthily through the DBI, with the neatly wrapped package in hand, to submit the permit application.  His day went something like this: 7am start at the intake station, followed by historic plan review, then planning, then fire, then building, then mechanical, then public utilities commission, then the bureau of street use-mapping, and finally the health department.  I think his day at the DBI, on my behalf, ended at 4:30pm.  Maneuvering indeed.  It’s an art form when in the context of the DBI.  Working with someone that knows this form of art is key to picking up the approved building permit a week later.  Best case scenario is what this is…and maybe time for some bubbly.  Thank you, Keith (and team)!!

So, my contribution to all of this was by way of two bus rides to the DPI with checkbook in tow  (plus some planning department research regarding zoning before any of this began).  The first ride (and check) was to the health department so that they’d look at my plans.  I’m not talking bribery here.  This was legit (and required).

The Health Department

My second ride was directly to the building department to pay for and pick up the approved permit.

Paying money for permit

Those were a few expensive bus rides, as in 00,000 digits.  It’s an open wound, but one that will heal with time.

What’s in my way of the finish line and a caveat-free ‘let the construction begin’?  Well, really it’s in the hands of my contractor, ACI, at this point.  They’ve got the plans out for pricing with their sub-contractors and will have a contract and final number to me within two weeks.  We’ll start construction the first week of January if my (our) hurdling capabilities remain strong.  So, just a few more weeks to the finish.

Even with wounds and hurdles, I smiled all of the way home with my plans and permit in hand.  It was a good day.