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Let’s be honest.  Coffee, makes our day go round (for many of us).  It pushes us into motion with a large dose of oomph.  If its missing, our day can be lackluster, achy, and even socially a snooze.

Coffee isn’t just something we pump into our body as brain fuel, though that’s part of it.  Our palate requests it on a daily basis because it tastes so good (and it celebrates when an exemplary cup has been sipped).  Our spirit requests it frequently to satisfy its ritualistic and social needs.  I mean, wouldn’t your day be slightly less complete if you had to skip your morning coffee stop where everybody knows your name??

That said, we know that coffee is an important part of our formula.  A bakery is often a morning stop for people and people have limited time in the morning for stops.  So, in the name of convenience, it only makes sense that we’d have coffee.  Plus, coffee and baked goods are oh-so-good together, often enhanced by each other.  And, opening a bakery is largely about ritual.  We want to know your name and we want you to know ours.  We want to see you each day because it’s the relationships that will make owning a bakery rewarding.

After much research, meeting with coffee folks, and tasting and tasting and tasting, we’ve finally decided on our coffee roaster.  It was a hard choice, no doubt.  The west coast knows a thing or two about coffee and there were quite a few fantastic roasters to choose from, none of which you’d be disappointed with.  But, we had to choose one.  And the winner is….

What made us choose Stumptown?  Well, we love their coffee for one.  Flour + Co will feature both their drip coffee and espresso.  We also love their commitment to direct trade practices.  In fact, they pioneered such practices and there’s a story behind each coffee that they offer.  Last, but not least, the proof is in the pudding, eh, people.  Yep, relationships are very important to us (and in business decisions, in general) and our gut says that these are our peeps.  Always trust your gut.

[Originally published by Emily Day on the Flour + Co blog]