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Spending any day in Napa is one of my favorite things to do, but a Sunday sipping wine up north, when the city is jam packed with tourists due to an overwhelming number of city events, is better than alright in my book.

I should say that I’m not a bahumbug, honest.  I loved seeing the Blue Angels from our roof on Saturday (that was awesome, in fact!) and I appreciate that our city is filled with people whether it be for vacation or a special event.  However, sometimes when you live smack in the middle of it all, it’s nice to escape.

With Ryan’s mom in town for the weekend, we had the perfect excuse for just that. An escape to Napa.  We started at the Vintner’s Collective.  It’s always a favorite stop because they specialize in small production wines that are hard to find elsewhere.  They are always some of the best sips of the day!


Our first sips of wine at Napa’s Vintner’s Collective, always one of our favorite stops.

With a little wine in us, we stopped off at Oxbow Public Market for lunch before heading further north.  Oxbow is a food court of the most luxurious kind with vendors that are local and feature fresh, often organic and simply delicious food.  When you want a laid back, flexible breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is a great place to come.

A view in Oxbow Public Market, the cheese shop

Hog Island at Oxbow Public Market

The spice market at Oxbow

Antique browsing over lunch at Oxbow. I love the heritage pig sign!

Vines ready to be harvested on our way to Frog’s Leap

After lunch, we headed to Frog’s Leap which boasts a beautiful estate complete with vegetable garden, fruit trees, chicken coops, bee hives, lawn games (bean bag toss) and a lovely farm house.  The format is a nice departure from the typical tasting room, especially with a guest in tow.  You can have a more casual tasting at their outside bar or have a tasting on the porch with cheese.  We opted for the porch tasting and it was a perfect way to finish off our afternoon.

The tasting porch at Frog’s Leap

Our wine tastes

The grounds at Frog’s Leap – fruit trees

Grapes – not the wine variety

Pretty Frog’s Leap Barn

Another barn used for storing/aging wines

Wine, not quite ready for drinking

At the end of the day, we we headed back to the city, ready for major traffic pains.  Turns out, we breezed right in (not sure how that happened!), just in time for a glass of wine with dinner at home.