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77th and 2nd, NYC

Ahhh…a Sunday morning walk…this time through the Alameda Antique Faire. Sunday mornings have been a favorite since I lived in NYC.  I should preface this by saying that I love NYC and loved living there (77th and 2nd).  No city comes close to the energy, the constant hum of people around, and the hustle bustle.  But, when you are around that revving engine 24/7, the rare peaceful moments grab you.  Well, Sunday mornings grabbed on and didn’t let go.  I’ve found that most everywhere I’ve lived has that same graceful start to a Sunday.  Wake up bright and early, walk outside and……silence (please put this in relative terms).  Thank goodness most folks get a lazy start to Sunday!

The exception?  The die hard antique and flea hunters out for a find.  You’ll find this breed at the Alameda Antique Faire on the first Sunday of each month, beginning at 6am sharp.  Ok, I show up at a respectable 9am which also saves me $10 (the entry fee starts at $15 and works its way down the later you arrive), and let me assure you that the place is still jammed with all types.

Though I’m not an antique hoard, I do appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of antiques, as well as the story behind them.  And, I love walking!  So, an antique faire at the goes-on-for-miles Alameda Naval Complex is an all in one experience: window shopping, people watching, scenic backdrop, and even food trucks!

And…let me tell you, there’s something for everyone here.  From vintage clothes, vintage posters and trinkets, to furniture, old signs and even plants, one will not walk away from the faire disappointed.  One might be walk away tired, however! My strategy?  Park in the abyss (they advertise unlimited parking if that tells you anything), walk to the very end of the faire (trying not to look at anything so as to not spoil the surprise), and then snake my way back to the entrance without missing a row.  All in all, this must be a 2+ mile journey.  So, come to the faire for the loot or come for the exercise, but either way enjoy a fabulous start to your Sunday.  Oh–and come with a big wad of cash in your pocket if you plan on shopping.  I don’t think Square has taken off amongst the antique-ers.  Independent ATM’s will gladly help you out should you come unprepared.  You never know what you’ll find!!