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The last few weeks I’ve had a hankering for a perfectly stuffed and dressed sandwich every single day.  I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but I can’t get it out of my mind.  My home-made ham and cheese on wheat just hasn’t been cutting it.  But, I did the grocery shopping and unfortunately did a fantastic job of stocking up to the point of feeling bad about eating anywhere else.  So, instead, I just thought each day about where I’d go for my dreamy sandwich if only I hadn’t been so prepared.  Sometimes being a planner really gets in my way!   Here’s my daydreamed list which I hope to make reality very soon.  I think my grocery list will go missing next week!

Harrow (FiDi) – Just a hop, skip and jump from my abode, I recently had the Farmer’s Market Sandwich which was a perfect ratio of ciabatta, sauce and fresh, seasonal veggies.  Yum!  The inside is simple with a good vibe for eating in, but I got mine to go and it was ready in about 2 minutes.  Super efficient!  I’ll be back soon for the chicken salad….or the BLT!

Deli Board (SOMA) – I had the “Emeline” which features falafel, tzatziki, and veg.  Falafel is one of those things that I have a hard time passing up, but I don’t usually go for it in a sandwich.  Now I do – at least from Deli Board!  They have about 20 sandwiches, plus salads and sides, so the choice will be hard, but so worth it!  Plan to stand in line as it gets very busy at lunch time.

Lucca Delicatessen (Marina) – Just get the special #1 with everything on it.  I like mine on Acme rosemary bread.   One of the best parts of the sandwich is the sweet peppers that are included in the “everything.” It’s a special deli sandwich for sure.  They squeeze a lot into that shop, so you can do some window shopping while you wait – and you will wait.

Golden West (FiDi) – A simple walk up window and tiny space puts out some top notch sandwiches, like the deviled egg sandwich that I tried a few weeks back (before the grocery shopping trip).  Mmm…it was on a perfectly soft wheat roll and filled to the brim with the decadent egg filling, seasoned to perfection.  The service was fast and no nonsense.  I watched them making the sandwich bread from scratch as I waited for my name to be called.  On a side note, their sister restaurant, Sentinel, has some of the best coffee cake in town.  I assume that Golden West might too, but I didn’t ask.  Must go back to see!

Jasper’s Corner Tap (Downtown/Union Square) – This place knows how to do burgers, and french fries for that matter!  We shared the simple cheeseburger and were amazed that it was cooked perfectly (rarely happens) and it was so juicy and flavorful!  The french fries were hot and crispy when they arrived.  It also has a great line up of beers and the bartenders know their cocktails too.  It’s an ideal place to go to watch the next game, have a drink and some excellent bar food.

Parallel 37 (Nob Hill) – For another excellent burger in an entirely different setting, grab a drink and a quick bite in the lounge at this Ritz Carlton restaurant.  While the restaurant is good, I am impartial to the lounge and the less expensive menu that they offer, albeit small.  The burger was juicy and had some chef-selected condiments slathered on, but those chefs know what they are doing.

Flower Market Cafe (SOMA) – Seems like an odd pick, I know, but for a nothing-fancy breakfast sandwich, the flower market cafe has it down.  Skip the restaurant and go straight to the grab & go annex and order the egg sandwich with bacon and american cheese.  It comes on an english muffin.  I can’t quite explain why it’s so good, but it is and any time I am in the area of 6th and Brannan before 11am, I make this detour.  Sometimes I even buy some flowers (at the flower market of course) and I always enjoy browsing around, especially during the holidays.

Plow (Potrero Hill) – This is one of my favorite breakfast places in the city actually.  They also have a wonderful breakfast sandwich.  A little fancier than the Flower Market Cafe and surely superior ingredients, but different days call for different foods.  I’m quite sure they have some outstanding lunch sandwiches too!