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Described as the culinary capital of France, our two day excursion to Lyon was filled to the brim with food.  With plenty of sites to see, hills to climb, parks to walk and quaint neighborhoods to stroll, there are plenty of opportunities to walk off your last bite(s).

Les Halles is a must-see/eat for all die hard and wannabe foodies or those looking for a completely French experience.  Open from 7am to 7pm, plan your visit around your stomach.  Even if eating isn’t in the cards (and what a shame if it isn’t), there are plenty of sites worth seeing, as well as perfect spots for a glass of wine or beer while people watching – think happy hour! The close quarters and many vendors, make it an entertaining stop – full of atmosphere!

Here are some highlights, as well as some Les Halles/France exclusives.

One of the many aisles of Les Halles filled with food vendors from fresh oysters, wine and cheese, pastries, meats, fish, chocolate…..

Fresh pasta for your picking

Our favorite cheese vendor – perfectly displayed – wine and cheese tasting at their counter

Fresh poultry – not for the faint of heart

Pastries and bread – we sampled a delicious tart with pistachio paste, almond, apricot and streusel – yum!

an Italian deli with perfectly displayed goodies

One of many meat vendors

Slice and serve – complete with glass of vino

Pig ears anyone?

The Lyonnaise speciality – candied praline – the vibrant red praline is seen in many things from tarts to brioche

Cute cafe seating found at many booths – micro-sized

Our lunch destination – a bustling horseshoe-shaped bar with very economical lunch specials – all prepared in an impressively small space. The croque monsieur and salad was delicious!