Engagement…tell all of your friends and family….set the date….dream the perfect wedding….plan, list, delegate, do….

And then it’s here.  The wedding.

I never thought that I was one of those girls that would have a traditional wedding.  Being a bridesmaid 8 times didn’t make me long for the day when it could be me in the white dress.  It actually made me think that I wanted to do something different.  I didn’t need the, what seemed to be, form over function elements of a wedding.  I didn’t need to be the center of attention with 100 of my closest friends and family cooing over me.  I certainly didn’t need to drop the price of a nice car on a four-hour event, just to say I’m married.

Well, turns out, I did.  And though I was kicking and screaming at times when we received a bill or the industry was trying to suck the meaning of the day out from under our feet, I wouldn’t do it over any other way.  In fact, I want to do it over.  We both do!

You see, I was wrong on a number of accounts.  First, weddings do have lots of functional elements, but so does every other kind of party.  Why fight that?  We kept out the traditions that weren’t important to us and we set the goal of throwing a wonderful and fun party.  We also chose to go non-traditional on our ceremony, making it personal and unique.

Second, we realized that you don’t have to have a big wedding to please other people.   We found we were able to keep ours small by inviting only close friends and family, knowing that those not invited would still be our friends if they were true friends to begin with. We also chose not to include children given that it was an evening wedding.

Finally, we spent our money on what was really important to us, not based on other peoples’ expectations.  For instance, we went light and simple on flowers and didn’t do favors for each guest.  We did have our wedding at a great venue with delicious food and wines.

My point in writing this blog, however, is to tell you why I’ve had a bad case of the post-wedding blues the last few weeks.  It’s because our wedding was amazing.

It wasn’t the food or the wine or the cake.  It was wonderful because of the people – because we were sharing our love with our people.  People who have had a part in shaping who we are today.  People who we, in some cases, rarely get to see.  People who come from all different stages of our lives.  People who we love dearly.

It was the one and only day when all of these very important people came together, in one place, to celebrate – us.  It felt magnificent and it’s hard to let that go (hence the temporary blues)!  It was absolutely the right way (for us) to get married.  Thank you to my very wise husband for encouraging me to have a wedding like I never knew I wanted!

Yes, yes…I’m going to snap out of it.  We have pictures and video coming down the pipeline, after all.  We have wine leftover that we’ll love sipping over the next year.  Our family and friends are just a phone call away.  And, oh, do we have fond memories.