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Meet my new food processor: the Kitchen Aid 12-cup (Chrome).  Touted a “winner” by Cooks Illustrated, this handsome small appliance is on its way from amazon.com and I can’t wait!  A truly versatile machine, this is going to open my cooking and baking world to an all new level – hopefully a cleaner, more precise level.

Kitchen Aid 12-Cup

A hard decision, it was.  Many food processors out there are reviewed well and have all kinds of bell and whistle features.  After some research, I was deciding between the Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid 11 to 12 cup varieties.  These seem to be the most celebrated based on reviews by Cooks Illustrated and Consumer Reports, though split down the middle (Cooks Illustrated = Kitchen Aid and Consumer Reports = Cuisinart).  After reading lots of reviews, ratings and blogs, it really came down to the fact that I’m usually impressed with Cooks Illustrated recipes and information and I don’t think that I could have gone wrong (Truth to come on that once I’ve tested it out!).  The price was also reasonable and I think it’s better looking than the Cuisinart.

While my bank account is a few hundred dollars lighter this morning, my recipe testing for Frosted is on the up swing.  Though I haven’t mentioned much on the topic since my blog post back in July (yikes!), I have been working on it, albeit slowly.  I put the formal business plan writing aside shortly after starting so that I could wrap my hands around the core of my concept. I’ve finally got it after much morphing and one total bust.  What I found is that writing a business plan is nearly impossible if your vision isn’t crystal clear.  And, if your vision isn’t clear, no one else’s is going to be either! Writing a business plan should be the easy part.  Oh, one more note on business plans.  I came across a new online tool that might make plan writing even easier.  I can’t speak on it yet, but it’s worth a look:  enloop.com.

So, here we are – the first week of October with a solid idea in place and a blank business plan begging for words and numbers…and a food processor ready to pulsate it all together.