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I went to my third play at the SF Playhouse last night and I have to say it’s one of my favorite theatres in San Francisco.  A pint-size theatre, it’s an intimate setting that makes you feel like you are a part of the play.

Tigers Be Still, playing now, is set in the living room of the main character, Sheryl.  Sheryl has just gotten a job as an art teacher and art therapist at the local school after a bout of depression that kept her in her childhood room for months.  Her sister was just dumped by her fiance and has taken over the living room couch with a bottle of jack daniels and top gun playing repeatedly.  Her mom lives upstairs in a room and no one has been allowed to see her for some time as she’s gained weight and also suffers from depression.  Sheryl takes on an art assistant, Zach, who’s 18 and also suffering from depression after losing his mom.  Sheryl and Zach end up helping each other make some sense out of life and put each others life in perspective, while helping those around them do the same.

Sounds dark, right?  Well, while it is, it also has a fantastic sense of humor.  A storyline that sounds depressing actually is full of wit and makes the audience feel an endearing attachment to the characters.  Luckily! Since as an audience member, you are at times feeling like an abashed spectator as you are truly a part of the living room given the theatre size and layout.

That said, go see it!  It’s playing into September and I found tickets on goldstar.com.  If you haven’t checked out goldstar.com, you must.  It’s a great resource for discounted tickets to cultural events in the city that is constantly updated and you’ll be surprised what you find!