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Website done…blog up…social media outlets updated & connected…ideas are running like camp fire…bored to tears taking time off (the life of leisure is not for me!)…cash flow is topsy turvy…Looks like all of the signs are aligned for movement to my next adventure!

That said, I opted for a change of scenery today and am working from a Palo Alto coffee shop, complete with lunch with Ryan at his fancy cafeteria. Secret be told, I have a fascination for corporate workplaces and happen to like cafeterias in these settings.  It feels a little bit like “bring your girlfriend to work day,” but I’m okay with that as I always immensely enjoyed “bring your daughter to work day” and never missed ’em.  In fact, I think I added them (non-official) whenever I could.

Today on the agenda? Begin the business plan for my currently make-believe food business.  Let’s fictitiously name it “Frosted” moving forward as frosting happens to be one of my favorite foods and this is all in my imagination at this time.  In preparation for this step, I attended two Small Business Administration (SBA) classes last week in downtown San Francisco:  Business Law and Funding your Business. The classes were pretty informative and free, plus I was introduced to lots of other free or close to it services available through the SBA, SCORE and SBDC.  For those of you thinking about starting a business or simply are curious, these are pretty helpful resources that, if nothing else, could lead to some connections down the road.

Any-who, ending procrastination and beginning…Business plan, FROSTED, July 13, 2011.